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Dive into a unique dental journey tailored just for you. Here, we treat every smile with utmost care, ensuring minimally invasive, whole-body techniques that keep your overall health top of mind. Understanding that a relaxing, tailored experience is important, we incorporate soothing amenities and cutting-edge technology to make the most out of your visit with us. Experience dentistry reimagined for you and your family – we can’t wait to see you smile!

Our Pillars of Excellence

Meet Dr. Boecker-Riviere & Dr. Hoffman

Dr. Boecker-Riviere and Dr. Hoffman, your esteemed dentists at RH Dentistry of Memorial, are proud recipients of several prestigious awards and recognitions. Demonstrating their dedication to delivering top-notch dental care, both doctors have been honored with the Texas Top 10% Dentists Award.

As dental partners, Dr. Boecker-Riviere and Dr. Hoffman prioritize compassionate care and staying up to date with the latest techniques in dentistry. With their extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for providing personalized care, they are ready to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Achieve a beautiful smile discreetly with our advanced Invisalign treatments, tailored to your unique needs. Smile bright and feel your best by getting in touch today.

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Sleep Apnea

Breathe easier and sleep better. Discover our holistic approach to managing sleep apnea and restoring your nighttime tranquility. Specialized in Healthy Start, we treat kids and adults.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Amplify the natural beauty of your smile. With our variety of cosmetic solutions, from teeth whitening to veneers, your smile will radiate newfound confidence. Find out more about our cosmetic treatments – your dream smile awaits.

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What Makes Us Stand Out

Beyond The Usual Dental Care

At RH Dentistry of Memorial, we're not just about teeth; we're about the experience.

Whole-Body Focused

Our approach transcends traditional dentistry. We delve into your overall health, ensuring that every aspect of your well-being is addressed.

Advanced Technology

Stay ahead with our cutting-edge dental technologies, promising accuracy, comfort, and swiftness in every procedure.

Fear-Free Dentistry

Dental jitters? Say no more. Our environment and relaxing sedation options ensure a fear-free, comfortable experience for all.

Adult & Pediatric Airway

We recognize the uniqueness of airway challenges across ages. Our specialized solutions cater to both adults and little ones, ensuring optimal airway health so you can breathe easier.

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Special Offers

Get the perfect alignment with Invisalign, rest easy with sleep apnea solutions, and dazzle with our whitening treatments. Your dream smile is within reach at RH Dentistry of Memorial!

$500 off Invisalign

$500 off sleep apnea treatment

$100 off teeth whitening treatment

Real Smiles, Real Stories

Hear What Memorial, Houston Has to Say

My exam and cleaning with Dr. R was by far the most pleasant and stress-free visit to a dentist I have ever experienced. Not exaggerating. Everyone from the receptionist to the hygienist was courteous, compassionate , and professional. They put the you at ease from the moment you enter the office. I have had some bad dental experiences in the past, so have a fair amount of anxiety about going to the dentist. Dr. R and her team deliver excellent care with a focus on patient comfort. I have already recommended them to a few family members- they are simply the best!


A spa like dentist experience, almost forgot what I was there for, is how I would describe my time there. The staff and Dr Hoffman were extremely attentive, thorough, and caring throughout my appointment. I love how they utilize advanced technology & machines with XRays, scans, etc as an extra step and precaution for years to come. Dr. Hoffman was very personable and fun to talk to. She explained thoroughly what I was seeing with my teeth and how to improve it. Whitney, the dental assistant, was so attentive and was constantly applying Aquaphor in my lips for me cause they are prone to cracking! The front desk, Valerie, was very sweet and explained any questions I had. I felt like I was in the right hands and could trust every single staff member there. They also have so many small luxuries that one wouldn’t think would be at a dentist office, such as TV on the ceiling that you can request to watch while they’re doing the exam?? And then gave me a hot towel to freshen up?? So awesome! The whole office and appointment room was spotless and sanitized. They even have a small hook for your bags, such a thoughtful feature. A very sweet goodie bag too was included in my visit. I look forward to all my dental visits from here on out and highly recommend this place to everyone!!!


I love RH dentistry, the way they take care of me Dr.Hoffman is so lovely, she always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I had not gone to dentist in years! They made me feel so welcome and so comfortable. It was the best experience I could have asked for. The whole staff was extremely friendly and kind. I am recommending them to all my family and friends. If I could given them more than five stars. They made my smile more beautiful.


Best dental experience ever! Welcome to a relaxation paradise at, yes… the dentist! Brand new space that is warm and inviting. This is the first time I have ever seen a “comfort menu” at a dentist office. I wanted it all! I asked for a weighted blanket and started snooze away during my dental cleaning. Finished off with a warm lemon face towel. Squeaky clean and refreshed!Dr. Riviere is very intelligent, upbeat, and empowering. I left my appointment feeling confident in my dental health going forward. They offer an in-house dental insurance which makes high quality holistic dental care affordable and attainable for all (especially for families!). Highly recommend for all!


My daughter had her first filling today. She was quite nervous. Dr. Hoffman understood my daughter's nerves, and totally put her at ease, by explaining step by step what she was doing. Instead of nervous, she left the appointment at ease, and educated! Dr. Hoffman was kind, and gentle, and understanding. ❤️


[Dr Riviere] by far the most educated dentist i have seen. takes her time to explain every thing and her work is great.


Dr. Boecker-Riviere possesses all the qualities of the perfect dentist. Knowledgable, friendly, caring, and very delicate/light hands. I didn't feel a thing during the numerous procedures she performed on me. She took the time to explain the "why" behind my teeth problems and has completely changed the way I view dental health. My teeth have never been in better condition since coming to this Doctor. Highly recommend her.


Dr. Hoffman has a very excellent way of treatment. She is extremely competent, and goes to great length to ensure the procedure is pain free. I also was impressed with her friendly and kind manner. She took extra time to answer all my questions and educate me prior to taking any action. Top notch, best dentist I have ever known.


adult wellness plan

$47 per month / $499 Annually

Unlock endless dental benefits with our all inclusive adult wellness plan.

  • 1 routine cleaning every 6 months
  • 1 set of routine X-rays per year
  • 1 emergency exam with X-ray per year
  • Regular exam with cleaning
  • 2 teeth vitamin treatments
  • Up to 15% off additional treatments

CHILD WELLNESS (12 years and under)

$29 per month / $315 Annually

Keep your child's smile healthy, our child wellness plan has your little one covered!

  • 1 routine cleaning every 6 months
  • 1 set of routine X-rays per year
  • 1 emergency exam with X-ray per year
  • Regular exam with cleaning
  • 2 teeth vitamin treatments
  • Up to 15% off additional treatments


$75 per month / $799 Annually

Our periodontal membership plan offers the personalized dental care you deserve.

  • 4 routine cleaning every 3 months
  • 1 set of routine X-rays per year
  • 2 regular exams with cleanings
  • 2 teeth vitamin treatments
  • Up to 15% off additional treatments
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